Monday, April 18, 2011

How Do You Measure Success?


Do you measure the success of a "diet" by the scale alone? If so, you are missing a lot of other victories that can be celebrated along the journey to healthy living. While the scale didn't show me much love this week, I had several "awesome entree" (instead of awesome-sauce, thanks, Steph!) moments to share. If I was focusing solely on the number on the scale, I would have missed out.

First success: running. One of my goals for 2011 (there I go, talking about goals again!) is to run a 12:00 mile. I started the year with a 14:30-15:00 mile pace. My average pace at the 5k on April 9th was 13:36, and I am consistently running between a 13:45-14:15 mile pace. A big success to celebrate!

Second success: new clothes! I got new (smaller!) clothes for Christmas and have found more (smaller!) clothes at Goodwill. I feel GREAT when I wear these new (smaller!) clothes. And my older clothes are looking baggy and frumpy. Another success!

Third success: checking my measurements. I re-check my measurements every six weeks. This is another great way to measure success. My waist is down 1/2 inch, and my thighs are down 1.5 inches EACH! Thank you, squats & lunges!

So, I had a lot to celebrate this past week!

Fitness: I did cardio 6 days out of 7, for a total of 207 minutes. I'm still working on the push up challenge, and I started the 300 Lunge Challenge, although didn't get to 300 this week. I did have a few mornings this week when I had a case of the "I don't wannas" & that made it tough to get out of bed to workout. But I put the big girl panties on and just did it!

Monday - running, 30 minutes
Tuesday - #easactive 2 cardio workout, 20 minutes; push ups
Wednesday - running, 30 minutes
Thursday - #easactive 2 full body workout, 17 minutes, power walking, 23 minutes; lunges & push ups
Friday - exercise bike, 45 minutes
Saturday - running, 42 minutes
Sunday - rest day

Nutrition: I'll admit, it was a tough week fighting the PMS (pre-, present-, post-) cravings. I focused on my fruits & veggies, and that always gets me through a tough day. I am continually amazed at the amount of protein that I get on a daily basis. Much more with my professional nutrition plan than when I was doing things on my own. I love it!

My resolve will be much stronger this week with the lack of hormonal imbalance. My will power is always tested during that time of the month. Plus I slacked off a bit in keeping my food journal. But this week WILL BE better!  Here's our healthy menu plan for this week.

The Scale: As mentioned, it was a hormonal week. As of Monday morning, I am back down to my pre-PMS weight. But I'm so glad I have ways other than the scale to measure my success. I know I'm staying on track, some weeks are definitely easier than others, but overall, I know I'm doing the right things.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! The scale is defnitely not the sole measure of success. Congrats on your MANY successes! Smaller clothes is a huge one for me!!
    You are doing awesome and are so strong and consistent. Thanks for that!

  2. Way to go on picking up on the important successes that show up on this journey. Measurements and clothes are my favorites. Your awesome! Congrats on running!

  3. OMG so loving your energy!
    Make this week count

  4. Congrats on the running, size, and measurements. You are getting faster, no doubt about it. You'll be at 12 minutes in no time.

  5. It is superwonderful that you are sticking with it!! I am so looking forward to a schedule like that. You gotta start somewhere right? Great job staying on track!!

  6. You're so right to focus on the non-scale part of being healthy. Part of why I'm loving running is how cool it is to watch yourself get faster and stronger. You'll get to that 12:00 pace, I know it!!! Have a great week.

  7. You are SUCH an amazing person... and one day I look forward to meeting you and hugging you!! Thank you for your sweet spirit, friendship, and inspiration!


  8. You did have a lot to celebrate this week! Way to go!