Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet Mia Cupcake

Today, I'd like to introduce you another wonderful finalist for Mamavation Mom Campaign 8. She is also very deserving of your votes. If you haven't cast your vote yet (once per computer), please consider both Andrea and Mia Cupcake.

Hi, my name is Libby...but on the internet (and in my "roller derby life") I am known as Mia Cupcake. I had my fiancé ask me a few questions because I am notorious for talking too much and getting totally off track :)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am a mom to two fantastic kids; "Short Stack" is 11 and so smart, he's already doing homework far beyond my capabilities, and "Chuck" is 17 months and has learned that you can open the cabinets in the kitchen to create stairs so you can climb onto the counter. They're giving me grey hair, but I honestly
wouldn't have it any other way.

I am engaged to an extremely patient, uber supportive man who happens to be a world-class chef and an amazing video game player. Everything he attempts, he succeeds in mastering. It makes me a WEE bit jealous sometimes, but it's really fun to watch.

I love to bake. I love my roller derby people. I'm starting to REALLY enjoy exercise, despite the soreness in some mornings. I enjoy my job (I am a massage therapist), and I love my friends. I am loud sometimes, faithful always and fierce when I choose to be.

I am definitely cut from a different cloth than most.

2. Mamavation? Why?

I like people. A lot. I like to help them out even more. (Hence the reason I chose to become a massage therapist.) I think it honestly takes a village to raise a child....and I love it when people can gather in a group that's non-judgemental and solve problems. Mamavation is a stellar example of a problem-solving, non-judging group of women who are just there to help each other create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for them and their families.

Why wouldn't I want to be a part of that?

3. What in the world is roller derby, and why are you involved?

Here is a great explanation (and totally safe-for-work video) on how roller derby is played.The team I am involved with (as a non-skating official at this time) is the Bellingham Roller Betties.

I first got involved with roller derby when I lived in Seattle and was going through a really rough time in my life. I needed to be around women who could stand on their own two feet and be their own awesome selves, and someone at work mentioned I should check this "roller derby thing" out. So I did.

And I've only left once, for a "9 month injury" (when I was on bedrest when pregnant with my daughter).

The people are amazing. The group dynamic is (mostly) really positive...and the negative usually is weeded out quickly. It is another fantastic example (like Mamavation) of a group of women who can come together to build something amazing, rather than tear each other down. I've tried to quit three times. And I always feel like something is missing in my life when I do.

4.  Why did you choose Mia Cupcake as your roller derby name/online persona?

I used to be very self-punishing. VERY. I had an eating disorder for several years, and would bake endless amounts of cupcakes and NEVER EAT THEM. I still don't eat what I bake most of the time.

I was bringing yet ANOTHER load of cupcakes to a roller derby event and someone asked how I could have all of those baked goods and not eat any. I tapped my fist on my chest and said "Mea culpa, mea culpa."

Someone laughed and said "No, Mea CUPCAKE." And a "derby name" was born.

The reason it's my online alias? It was just easy. People I met at tournaments were searching for me under that name anyway...seemed a natural progression.

5.  What do you consider your biggest strength?

I am becoming extremely self-aware. I used to just ignore my shortcomings and treat a lot of my strengths as I am realizing that I can use my weaknesses to my advantage and that being loud isn't bad. Being different isn't bad.

People don't like me? That's ok, because *I* like me. And my family likes me. And I'm ok if people don't find me amusing....everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I try not to dwell.

6. What is your biggest weakness?

I'm stubborn. I am super mondo bull-headedly stubborn. I decide I'm going to do something, and heaven help you if you try to stop me. In some instances, I'm like Charlie Sheen and I have one speed.....GO. (BTW, I think that man needs help.)

But like I mentioned above, weaknesses are only such if you allow them to be. Being mega stubborn has helped me quit smoking (without the use of cessation aids like gum or patches), has allowed me to quit drinking soda altogether, has helped me through workouts where I thought I was going to puke (and some where I actually DID puke) and has helped me start to turn my own health around.

So I guess my biggest weakness has also come to help :)

7. Why do you think you'd be the best choice for Mamavation Mom?

I honestly think that I would be a fabulous choice for Mamavation Mom because I am funny, I am determined, I am pretty inspiring.

I have already convinced the future in-laws (who we live with) and my fiance to get rid of the junk food in our house, and they quit smoking yesterday. Considering that they've been eating SO MUCH fast food and smoking for so long, I am incredibly proud of them for making this decision on their own (with only
the occasional mention from me!).

I would bring a whole new dynamic to Mamavation, and would even share some roller derby workouts. I have a chef in my house, so I would share recipes that he's been working on.

I am slowly working my way into being a more fit and more healthy person, and I want to show people that you can do it, no matter who you are. You just need to take small steps before you can run.

I am always one to tell people that if I can do it, you can do it too. And losing 18 pounds in 6 weeks is just the beginning for me :)

Please cast your vote for me as the next Mamavation Mom here and then enter the giveaway on my blog "Bruises in the Frosting." Thanks for reading!


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