Monday, August 13, 2012

Insert Witty Post Title Here

This will be a quick update as we are still settling into our new home. This summer has really messed with my workout mojo, so I am focusing on getting that back. Between a hectic schedule, buying a house & moving, plus family stuff, there hadn't been much of a "normal"routine for me. I need routine, so I am going to get it back! Throw in the fact that my baby girl its starting kindergarten next week & life is a little crazy.

So, I have my workouts planned for the week. Three days of running, two days of strength training, and one day of yoga or Pilates.

And I started food journaling again. I have been really burned out on that, but I am trying a new app, so that might make it less of a chore. Also, now that we are getting unpacked, I am recommitting to making most of our food from scratch. We relied too much on processed & fast food while we were in transition. Blech. Time for real food again!

Here's to a healthy week!

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  1. Good luck! I think that food journaling really can be helpful!

  2. Good luck with getting back on track. Summer time can really mess up a schedule :)

  3. I've been really burned out on tracking my food also. What app did you switch too?

  4. Wondering about the app too...I've used myfitnesspal in the past. I like it!