Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Ode to Routine

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Routine is good. Routine helps chaos feel manageable. I like routine.

This summer was crazy. So many different things going on, it was difficult to have a normal routine. My exercise routine was thrown off. Normal family life was more stressful with finally buying a house & moving (hopefully for the last time.) My focus has been on getting through the chaotic summer, hoping that fall would provide routine once again.

Thankfully, it has. I'm juggling a new routine with my girlie starting kindergarten. But it's good. Days are more predictable. Weeks have a similar schedule. I like routine. Routine helps me get things done that need done. Meal planning & prep, exercise, church, family activities, even blogging.

Six days a week, my routine starts at 5 am with exercise. Then a quick, post-workout snack before I jump in the shower. Followed by waking the family, getting breakfast for myself & my girlie (Hubby is left to his own devices), getting ourselves ready, & dropping the girlie off at school on time.

Starting the day right is so helpful for me to have routine & productivity the rest of the day. I need the predictability.

Menu planning also gives the week predictability. I can make healthy meals & snacks because I have a plan.

This is week four of our new normal routine. It feels good. I like routine.

How about you? Do you thrive with a routine? Or do thrive with the chaos? Or maybe a little of both.



  1. This summer did seem to be crazy. I definatly thrive with a schedule. Otherwise, the wheels come off the bus! :-)
    Although, getting up at 5am might make the wheels come off the bus for me lol!!! But, you know how I am with mornings, we have discussed that. You are awesome for being able to do that!!

  2. Routines are very good to have. I'm glad you have figured out one - I'm really having trouble with the AM workouts :)

  3. Ah... routines!! How easy it is to get off kilter when our routines are off. I THRIVE on structure, schedule and routine... and so do my kids!! :)

  4. great job on your routine. i tend to exercise in afternoon or evening. i wish i had more routine but this summer ive been gone half of it at work so away from home. but luckily things are slowing down now